Our real estate appraisal application was built "by appraisers, for appraisers". The appraisal and revaluation features and functions contained in this application have been well respected and accepted for many years.

The system is easy to use and the valuation methods are easily understood by the appraisers and explained to the public.

This appraisal system includes highly effective data analysis and reporting functions, designed by industry experts, to perform revaluations. For example, an appraiser can make mass changes in a "What If" scenario with the option of applying or discarding the changes. These mass-change tools are integrated with the map display, giving the appraiser a dynamic and visual representation of the changes being made.

The CAMA application includes a time-sensitive data structure which stores a copy of the real estate record each time a change is made. This allows the user to review the status of the record at any point in time. In addition, this structure supports changes for future tax and revaluation years.

Our CAMA application is designed to be integrated with the GIS map data. This feature gives the user an extremely efficient method to analyze and understand data within the CAMA database.

Personal Property supports several valuation methods for individual and business personal property. In our application, both real estate and personal property valuation are made available based on user permissions. This permission-based structure supports the implementation of a single application from our integrated product suite.

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